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  • n. Plural form of paleobiologist.


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  • Caling the ongoing “evolutionary” history of Intelligent Design cretinism a version of “punctuated equilibria” does a grave disservice to the mendacious proponents of ID, and especially, to invertebrate paleobiologists Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould, whose 1972 paper in which they offered punctuated equilibrium as an alternative to phyletic gradualism still remains an important classic in the scientific literature of evolutionary biology.

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  • For this reason, bonebeds are frequently studied by paleobiologists, geologists, and archeologists seeking to piece together the vertebrate record.

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  • Gibson put together an impressive team of experts to begin scientific analysis of the remains of the Tomb of the Shroud, including forensic anthropologists, textile experts, DNA specialists, paleobiologists, and epigraphers.

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  • He argued that the work of a small group of American paleobiologists had brought the entire subject back to theoretical centrality within the evolutionary sciences.

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  • The climate, geography, vegetation, and animal life of Pontian times are essentially as set forth in the novel-but geologists and paleobiologists will be quick to detect a few fudgings that I hope can be forgiven in the spirit of good fun.

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  • Conveniently for paleobiologists, the mineralization process that forms fossils traps and preserves food particles and bacteria in the oral environment, leaving behind traceable clues of Paleolithic meals.

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  • McKey and a team of archaeologists, paleobiologists and soil scientists describe the earthworks, which run for 360 miles from the Berbice River to Cayenne, the modern-day capital of Guyana.

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  • It is based on new research and interviews with paleobiologists (scientists who study the biology of ancient life).

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  • World may have cooled the global climate about 11,500 years ago, suggest paleobiologists.


  • But there's evidence they may have had correspondingly larger spinal ganglia, leading some paleobiologists to wonder if they were transferring brain function from their tiny heads to lumps of nerve tissue above their massive shoulders and broad pelvic girdles.

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