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  • noun Plural form of paleobotanist.


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  • It was in another sidebar that he found out the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil still grew in Paradise, but that for “obvious reasons” it was both no longer forbidden and “of no interest to anyone but paleobotanists.”

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  • This has not been recorded by paleobotanists, showing clearly that the ice core CO2 results are not representative of paleoatmospheres Jaworowski et al., 1992 b, hence the CO2-ice-core-method and its results must be rejected. stomata proxies indicate higher that IPCC assumed 280 concentrations of CO2 in “pre-industrial era”

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  • Indeed, Paleozoic fossil plants already bear the hallmarks of insect feeding activity, and these feeding patterns look so remarkably similar to those observed in current plants, that paleobotanists and paleoentomologists can reasonably infer what type of feeding behavior caused the damage.

    Behe and bugs: Genesis of a Creationist canard? - The Panda's Thumb

  • The paleontologists and paleobotanists connected with the laboratories above described, study and discuss in reports the fossils collected by the general geologists in the field.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 484, April 11, 1885

  • Since then the technique has become the principal method used by paleobotanists to recover small scale carbonized plant remains.

    Museum Blogs

  • This work was initially intended for paleobotanists who willingly compare their fossil material with the living


  • An international team of eminent scientists - biologists, mammologists, geologists, paleoclimatologists, paleobotanists and biomechanics specialists - join expert computer animators to deliver an exhilarating vision of life to come.

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  • Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) are paleobotanists.

    Jurassic Park | I Rate Science Fiction Doctors

  • She is known among paleobotanists for using fossil pollen from deep-sea cores to validate Darwin’s concept that atolls evolved from sinking volcanoes.

    Aldo Leopold's Children

  • "I thought it was a very, very long shot to find such a fossil, but indeed, as luck would have it, two paleobotanists, Conrad Labandeira at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington and Torsten Wappler at the Steinmann Institute in Bonn, were sitting around wondering how that particular damage type might be explained," said researcher David Hughes, a behavioral ecologist at Harvard University. leaf fossil came from what once were subtropical forests around a lake in Germany.

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