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  • n. The branch of ecology that deals with the interaction between ancient organisms and their environment.

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  • n. Reconstructing the ecosystems of the past.

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  • n. the branch of ecology that studies ancient ecology


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  • The study of ancient ecosystems is called paleoecology, and in today's world, when global climate change is an international concern, it is of more than passing interest.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • He is the author of well over 100 research publications including journal articles, book chapters, and six books on desert grassland, the cacti of Sonora, the Sonoran desert tortoise, and packrat middens and the paleoecology of the southwestern deserts.

    Contributor: Tom Van Devender

  • Coral reef paleoecology: coral reefs in space and time ancient coral reefs corals as indicators of climate change coral reefs and climate change

    Coral reefs (collection)

  • Robert J. Horodyski completed his dissertation on the stromatolites and paleoecology of the park in 1973 Horodyski, 1973.

    Glacier National Park Geology & Paleontology: Part 1 - background

  • Connie Millar offered invaluable advice and great conversation on paleoecology and climate science.

    Promise of the Wolves

  • On too many occasions conservation policy has been set by a static vision of what is "natural," based on conceptions in many cases formed by descriptive uses of paleoecology of what conditions prevailed at particular times in the past.

    What is Natural?

  • Birks of the University of Bergen in Norway--a very nice city by the way discuss the advances that have been made in paleoecology, moving from a largely descriptive and imprecise discipline to one they believe offers much for the future of conservation practice.

    What is Natural?

  • Willis and Birks argue, however, that the real value in paleoecology is in helping us understand how natural systems behave over long terms in response to natural perturbations--i.e., the natural variability of the environment.

    What is Natural?

  • Ronald R. West, PhD (paleoecology and geology) (Assistant Professor of Paleobiology at Kansas State University), “Paleoecology and uniformitarianism”.

    This view of life - The Panda's Thumb

  • The current paleoecology team, led by geographer Neil Roberts, knew that the water table had dropped dramatically since then.

    The Goddess and the Bull


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