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  • n. Alternative spelling of palaeogeography.

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  • n. The study of the geography of ancient times or ancient epochs.

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  • n. The study of the physical geography of past periods of the earth's history, founded as a distinct branch of geology by Canu in 1895, although the name had been employed before that date.

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  • n. the study of the geography of ancient times or ancient epochs


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paleo- +‎ geography


  • Coolly testing hypotheses and assessing evidence across an impressive range of disciplines — neuroscience, primate behavior, paleogeography, molecular biology, and genetics — she argues that our distant primate relatives developed their exceptional ability to see and identify “objects that were close by and in front of them” in order to detect and avoid what was almost certainly their most dangerous predator — the snake.

    Cover to Cover

  • Late Quaternary paleogeography and evolution of Arctic breeding waders.

    Late-Quaternary changes in arctic terrestrial ecosystems, climate, and ultraviolet radiation levels

  • Cryostratigraphy, paleogeography, and climate change during the early Holocene warm interval, western Arctic coast, Canada.

    Late-Quaternary changes in arctic terrestrial ecosystems, climate, and ultraviolet radiation levels

  • Yannick Donnadieu and I have a paper coming out in EPSL in a few months where we study runoff changes throughout the Cretaceous, and find a very strong effect of the paleogeography, which can be stronger than the effect of CO2. –raypierre

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Economic Climate Change Denialism:

  • [History of vegetation development and paleogeography of lower Irtysh River].

    West Siberian broadleaf and mixed forests

  • Relying on the complex paleogeography of the Mediterranean area, Altaba proposes that Mastus, Mauronapaeus and Balearena are products of vicariance events.

    A fossil snail fits in between, or, maybe not

  • A preliminary review of dental evolution and paleogeography in the zapodid rodents, with emphasis on Pliocene and Pleistocene taxa.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • The Evolution of Rheic Ocean: From Avalonian-Cadomian Active Margin to Alleghenian-Variscan Collision addresses long-standing controversies surrounding the ocean's origin, paleogeography, and ultimate closure.

    Speedlinking 10/9/07

  • The purpose is to achieve a better understanding of the present distribution patterns from evolutionary events and paleogeography and and vice versa.

    Wanted: symposium speakers

  • Taken together, the currently available evidence -- of lithic technologies, skeletal and dental characteristics, MTDNA, paleogeography and paleoclimatology of Siberia, east coastal Asia and North America -- indicates the first Americans derive culturally from a coastal manifestation of the Upper Paleolithic societies that stretched from Central Europe to Northeast China in the terminal Pleistocene, and biologically from a commingling of that group with peoples who expanded up the east Asian coast from Indochina.

    Conversations: Last Word on Kennewick Man?


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