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  • adj. Alternative capitalization of Paleolithic Often used more generally to suggest that something is extremely outdated.


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  • The term paleolithic diet refers to the contents of our stone age ancestors 'diets.


  • Several followers of the lifestyle took up the practice after researching health concerns online and discovering descriptions of so-called paleolithic diets and exercise programs followed by people around the country and in Europe. - News

  • I do have fond memories of all the trippy Kroft brothers productions, as well as “Korg: 70,000 BC,” which was a kind of paleolithic Waltons.

    The Thing I am Glad About Today « Whatever

  • Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal (a blog about paleolithic diet and exercise) writes that he has been showering without soap or shampoo for the past six months.

    Swell Season on Boing Boing Video Boing Boing

  • Particularly in societies where women are little more than property, sexual favors tend to be for sale or trade – bad news when you are a Neolithic clan in Polynesia or a paleolithic tribe in Australia and a shipload of European sailors arrive bearing metal tools, trinkets, and several strains of syphilis.

    Matthew Yglesias » Iceland Bans Strip Clubs

  • With our new historical and global overview, we can see the full implications of the homosocial patterns that artists recorded from the paleolithic to the modern.

    G. Roger Denson: Gender as Performance & Script: Reading the Art of Yvonne Rainer, Cindy Sherman, Sarah Charlesworth & Lorna Simpson After Eve Sedgwick & Judith Butler

  • Unless, of course, they have those Dollar Store earphones blasting the beat of their paleolithic music.

    Buds in Ears, Nothing Between Them

  • I nicknamed them after the famous paleolithic fertility fetishes.

    Kater’s Art » 2010 » May

  • It was found to contain hundreds of paleolithic paintings of horses, mammoths, cave bears, bison, lions and other animals, which may be more than 30,000 years old, almost twice the age of previous finds.

    Werner Herzog, the adventurous spirit

  • Though organisations like the Medical Research Council's human nutrition research unit see advantages in elements of the diet, there are equally vocal advocates of the Japanese diet, the paleolithic diet and even the so-called "Norman Paradox" - figures which show that those following the traditional diet of northern France, laden with butter, cream, animal fats, pork and alcohol have bafflingly long life expectancies and low levels of heart disease.

    The Mediterranean 'heritage' diet


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