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  • adj. Of or pertaining to paleomagnetism.


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  • To come up with an age, they used a technique known as paleomagnetic dating, which takes advantage of the flip-flop of Earth's magnetic field every several hundred thousand years.

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  • To begin to see where Au. sediba might fit on the family tree, researchers pinned down the age of the fossils by dating the calcified sediments surrounding them with advanced uranium-lead dating techniques and a method called paleomagnetic dating, which measures how many times the Earth's magnetic field has reversed.

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  • ~ Studies of ancient supercontinent don't match up -- "For a quarter-century or more, the prevailing view among geoscientistssupported by paleomagnetic records in rockhas been that the portion of the ancient supercontinent of Pangea that is now the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah shifted more than 1,300 miles north during a 100-million-year span that ended about 200 million years ago in the early Jurassic Period, when Pangea began to break up."

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  • Biomarkers, first and last appearances of species and acmes, appropriately tested globally form the basis of biostratigraphy and age dating in conjunction with paleomagnetic and radiometric dates.

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  • Multiple dating approaches will be used to provide confidence in the chronology and to establish a secular paleomagnetic record for the region.

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  • Geologists use paleomagnetic studies for dating purposes, but also have used the techniques to map continental drift.

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  • By measuring polarity, variations in intensities, and changes in inclinations through a sequence of sediments or rocks, researchers can reconstruct paleomagnetic history.

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  • Evidence for the various hypotheses comes from deep-sea drilling cores, bathymetry, sediment comparisons, paleomagnetic data.

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  • The fossils were dated by paleomagnetic dating -- a method by which the age of deposits can be determined by the magnetic orientation of particles in the surrounding volcanic tuffs in relation to Earth's magnetic field.

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  • A maximum date of 2.6 million years ago was obtained for mineral-rich sediments just below the artifacts using paleomagnetic dating.

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