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  • noun Plural form of paleosol.


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  • Over time, changes in sea level led to the deposition on this seamount of alternating layers of soil (paleosols) and wind-blown calcareous sand.

    Bermuda subtropical conifer forests

  • Or buried paleosols with the A horizons cattywampus.

    Fault Line

  • Many of the charcoal-rich layers we have found this trip have been in paleosols.

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  • Correlating the paleosols can tell us how much the terraces have moved since that time.

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  • At each terrace, we map paleosols buried old soils, landslide deposits, bedrock and unaltered loess.

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  • Cerling TE (1991) Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: Evidence from Cenozoic and Mesozoic paleosols.

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  • "Oard claims that the sediments were formed by Noah's flood while ignoring the fossil burrows, the walking tracks, local paleosols (ancient soils), desiccation mud chips, burrows, root markings from plants, some polygonal desiccation cracks, casts of salt crystals, and clay pellet aggregates."

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  • Bao et al. (2004), who collected and analyzed various proxy climate data derived from ice cores, tree rings, river and lake sediments, lake terraces and paleosols, as well as historical documents, which enabled them to determine the climatic state of northwest China during the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties

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  • Stable isotope paleoaltimetry is a relatively new method generally relying on carbonate material preserved in ancient soil horizons, or paleosols, to provide quantitative estimates of range elevation.

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  • Wells also doesn’t mention that early paleosols (fossil soils) from about ~2.5 bya contain unoxidized cerium, impossible in an oxygenic atmosphere (e.g., Murakami et al., 2001).

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