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  • n. Caramel lollypop.
  • n. Ice lolly.
  • n. Ice lolly usually made from fresh fruit. These natural paletas may be sold along with commercial sugared ones.


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Spanish paleta, small stick.


  • I ate a 4 peso paleta from the paleta man in Matamoros and it gave me the chorro.

    helado vs nieve

  • One of the first things my partner and I have to get upon setting foot en la República Méxicana is a paleta.

    Santa Ines - Tocumbo

  • The paleta (shoulder) is used for chuck steaks and pot roasts.

    Choice Cut Or Mystery Meat? A Guide To Mexican Butcher Shops: Part I - Beef

  • On this side of the hill are pockets of run-down bungalows hosting barbecues complete with loud Spanish rancheras, racks of meat cooking over tinfoil-wrapped grills perched atop blackened hibachi tubs, large beat-up Igloo coolers stocked to the brim with ice-cold beer and paleta ice cream bars, and rows of folding patio chairs where hijos and hijas, abuelitos and abuelitas sit, laugh, drink, and eat from paper plates balanced in their laps.

    The Madonnas of Echo Park

  • Las lluvias, la intemperie dulcifican los colores en una misma paleta pastel.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • I experienced a little of everything that summer: fiestas, medianoches, burros, paleta vendors, 2nd class buses, the now defunct train, Mexican time, Mexican color and zest.

    Page 4

  • Both of us had tasted back-leg bellota ham in Spain, and we knew it had an even more elegant texture than the shoulder (paleta in Spanish).

    High on the Hog

  • Madrid: If De Sandra's (Alcala, 182; 34-91-7253841) 65 offerings make deciding difficult, order the paleta, and get your choice of eight flavors served on a painter's palette.


  • A Cambodian man buying his daughter a paleta, a fruit ice pop, in the park.

    Long Beach Press Telegram Most Viewed

  • Peru's paleta fronton included in new Nintendo Wii game

    Living in Peru : News


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