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  • n. Plural form of paletot.


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  • Modern habits of activity and personal independence require the dress to be tolerably succinct and unvoluminous; but some change in the right direction has been lately made by the introduction of what are called paletots, and other coats of various transitional forms between them and the shooting-jacket proper.

    The International Monthly, Volume 3, No. 1, April, 1851

  • He scarcely recognized Florine and Coralie in their ordinary quilted paletots and cloaks, with their faces hidden by hats and thick black veils.

    A Distinguished Provincial at Paris

  • They were very pretty little men, with pale faces, and large, melancholy eyes; and they had beautiful little hands, and little boots, and the finest little shirts, and black paletots lined with the richest silk; and they had picture-books in several languages, English, and French, and

    Roundabout Papers

  • The Barabinzians of Siberia, a nation "up beyond the River Ob," tan them into water-proof _paletots_ or

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 10, No. 59, September, 1862

  • Then four lackeys followed, with gilt bâtons and pole-axes, in paletots of crimson velvet, their bonnets in hand adorned with plumes, their coats ornamented before and behind with the Cardinal's badge in goldsmith's work.

    The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 09

  • The fishermen wear overcoats, coarse smooth waistcoats, large paletots, made waterproof by grease or fish-liver oil; leather overalls, stockings, and native shoes.

    The Story of Ida Pfeiffer

  • Pork-pies much smaller than the feminine type; coloured shirts that save washing-bills, worn very open at the neck, to exhibit the symmetry of their throats and the evidence of Adam's weakness; small paletots with pegtop sleeves and unmentionables, or knickerbockers and gaiters!


  • From their linen caps she judged that the women seated in line beside her were servants like herself: comrades of her own class alarmed her less than the little brazen-faced hussies, with their hair in nets and their hands in the pockets of their _paletots_, who strolled humming about the room.

    Germinie Lacerteux

  • In the dancers 'enclosure, beneath the fierce glare and the intense heat of the gas, were women of all sorts, dressed in dark, worn, rumpled woolens, women in black tulle caps, women in black _paletots_, women in

    Germinie Lacerteux

  • The men wore _paletots_, small, soft caps pulled down over their ears, and woolen comforters untied and hanging down their backs.

    Germinie Lacerteux


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