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  • n. Plural form of palmist.


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  • It started with the fringe elements, the tarot card readers, the palmists, the mediums, and moved on to the religions that practice psychic energies.

    Hunger Moon: Chapter Seven

  • But most palmists see the life line as an indicator of vitality, zest and well-being.

    Margaret Ruth: The Intuitive Life: Palmistry and the Life Line

  • People still read their horoscopes, go to psychics, and consult palmists.

    Larry Beinhart: The God Series, Part III -- Belief & False Beliefs

  • Pakistan is a nuclear power but its inhabitants are still living in Middle Ages, whenever I open Urdu newspapers I often find advertisements from magicians, palmists and Quacks in it.

    Magic Sticks of Baba Dhunka

  • A number of palmists about that time examined impressions of his hand without knowledge as to the owner, and they all agreed that it was the hand of a man with the characteristics of youth, with inspiration, and enthusiasm, and sympathy — a lover of justice and of the sublime.

    Mark Twain: A Biography

  • I put about as much faith in palmists as I do in reading the astrology column in the newspaper, but I went along with the idea.

    Kitchen Privileges

  • He was dressed like a vampire and as he read jennifers palm i wondered what it was about tourists that inherently trust palmists that look like vampires as opposed to palmists who look like, say, auto mechanics.

    i-claudius Diary Entry

  • They went to their graves thinking that mystic referred to nothing more serious than gypsy palmists and vaudeville mind-readers.


  • Now it was the turn of a motley crew of astrologers, palmists and similar mystics.

    Murder Without Icing

  • It is only in what Joseph Jastrow has called the slums of psychology that the explanation of character is regarded as a fixed system to be applied by phrenologists, palmists, fortune-tellers, mind-readers, and

    Public Opinion


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