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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of palpate.


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  • The CAPTCHA, BTW, is the Victorian-sounding, intriguing phrase ‘palpated Bessie.’

    Featured Book: Victorians and Edwardians at Work | Edwardian Promenade

  • I had been shaving over the lump for some months in the 1980s before my doctor palpated it and sent me to the specialist who was impressed; this cancer was so rare he'd never seen one in 35 years of practice.

    Roger Ebert: 'I'm happy I don't look worse'

  • Humours would need to be drained, uteruses palpated, perhaps they would employ the use of magnets to realign the senses.


  • They carry me under a half-lowered blast shield that looks nuke-proof, then through a vault door, and finally into a series of cold, concrete rooms where I am fingerprinted and photographed, palpated and probed, swabbed, scanned, and scrubbed, deloused and depilated.


  • The old willow's knotted gnarls and stumps, like so many hands, palpated all over Miss Maszkeradi's steel-spring body.

    A Different Stripe:

  • He palpated the bowl delicately in his hands while he sucked the last sliver of his sweet.


  • He had been hit in the most intimate organs of his body and the court wanted to know whether Hava had actually palpated the wound.

    Doctors: Medieval.

  • A pudgy finger palpated the vein at the crook of his arm until it plumped up.


  • You try holding down a wiggly, giggly 5 year old who would rather not have his belly palpated or his personal parts examined more closely because mom asked a dumb question about male hygiene.

    doing shots mean mommy style « Adventures in Juggling

  • Directly quoted: As you know, Patient is a [age-and-menopausal-status-redacted] female who was in her usual state of excellent health until her primary care physician, Dr. Dino, astutely palpated a mass in the [specific location redacted] breast on routine physical examination.

    Credit Where Credit is Due


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