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  • v. Present participle of palpate.


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  • Travel agents see themselves as responsible for negotiating discounts on trans-Atlantic flights and arranging for rooms with sea views in Rimini, rather than palpating the souls of their customers.

    Have Modern Travelers Lost Their Way?

  • "Another bee," she said, palpating a stretched sack.

    After 3 decades of dress-up, a costume wrangler takes her leave

  • The constant, palpating beating of drums and her blazon bare feet represent her to be wildly primitive, whilst the moans and screams detectable in the background add to her powerful provocativeness; a new lease of Li.

    Lydia Hughes: Lykke Li: Providing the Soundtrack to Your Life

  • After much palpating, consultation and discussion with all of the midwives in the clinic, Tracy sent me home for a vigorous walk with Chris.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Why does one person motivate the kind of heart palpating enormity of overwhelming powerful, all consuming, possessive emotion we call love and not another person?

    Warren Adler: The Mystery of Love

  • She lay on top of her quilt, with her hands over her bare stomach, gently palpating the area above her pelvis, where, for the first time, she allowed herself to imagine a tiny being—a creature; a seahorse, a pupa—possibly dwelling inside, already living off what she ate and the air she breathed.

    (7) Plus and Minus

  • I am mesmerized by the palpating pulse in my neck, the throbbing of my heated blood, less discernable with every moment, reflected back at me in the window I find myself in front of.


  • The metal tines were palpating the slip-on plastic ones of the number 1 cut.


  •   Rather, he allows the vision to remain the act, his eyes palpating with glee that fine, attentive flesh — a chiasmatic molestation, as Merleau-Ponty would have it. 1  Academics justify with awkward style.


  • They're down with Green Day palpating how desire might operate within politics.

    S.X. Rosenstock: Brandon Flowers at the Shimmer Showroom: Solo Songs Shine Light on Fear and Fire


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