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  • v. Present participle of palp.


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  • Fortunately, I was "palping" my borrowed Surly Big Dummy, and was able to easily "portage" my gentrified grocieries with room to spare:

    Hitting the Road: Unhooking the BRA

  • I realize that by use of the word "palping" you probably read this blog...

    Duck and Cover: The Art of Appropriation

  • Also, you can mitigate the rough ride and loss of traction somewhat by "palping" a standard tire and tube up front, which is what this rider is doing and which is generally referred to as the "Washington state mullet."

    Archive 2010-09-01

  • In the meantime, should you see me "palping" this genteel bicycle about town, please feel free to greet me in the traditional "minimalist" manner:

    Good News for the Poor: You Can Afford to Have Nothing!

  • Obviously, whether you're driving a car or "palping" an Ironic Orange Julius Bike, this is somewhat irritating.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • That customer, he assured me, was actor Jake Gyllenhaal, seen here swaddled in Raphinery and "palping" the offending plat de pâté en croûte:

    Posable Figures: Playing With Yourself

  • At which point I kicked myself for not "palping" my Metrofiets wood-chipper bike.

    BSNYC Friday Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune!

  • In any case, having recovered to the point where traveling by bicycle is now possible again, I was "palping" my Scattante that is not a pun to the WHHBSP loft space this morning to see how our new office space is coming along when I found myself longing for warm breezes--as are many other cyclists, according to this post on the New York Times "Spokes" blog, which also mentioned road salt:

    The Indignity of Winter: Sights Repulsive and Glorious

  • Speaking of things lacking finesse, I would like to remind you that my first book-related appearance (or BRA) will take place on May 1st at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, and since I've never addressed more than three people at a single time (yelling at Access-A-Ride vans doesn't count) I should be about as smooth as a Nü-Fred "palping" his first IRO:

    BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz! [insert "karate hands" here]

  • Like a delusional religious sect, they believe that somewhere there is a magical bike, and that simply touching it is the equivalent of riding a thousand miles on a thousand Colnagos while "palping" an EPO suppository.

    The New Spin: From Fixed to Broken


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