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  • n. A pigeon or dove: sometimes used as a generic designation of those pigeons which are closely related to the common Columba palumbus.


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  • Woodpigeons Columba palumbus were quite common around the Campus Groenenborger of the University of Antwerp in Belgium where the World Congress of Malacology took place 2 weeks ago.

    Woodpigeons in Antwerp

  • Palomas, palombe, palumbus..... a Romanian pigeon site.


  • Moreover, I find, on comparing the skeletons of _Columba livia_, _oenas_, _palumbus_, and _turtur_, which are ranked by all systematists in two or three distinct though allied genera, that the differences are extremely slight, certainly less than between the skeletons of some of the most distinct domestic breeds.

    The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Vol. I.

  • Bechstein further states (s. 26) that the domestic pigeon will cross with _C. palumbus_, _Turtur risoria_, and _T. vulgaris_, but nothing is said of the fertility of the hybrids, and this would have been mentioned had the fact been ascertained.

    The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Vol. I.

  • Mnrtinica — « — melanocephala — migratoria — — minor capite albo — minor ventre candido — minuta — — montana — — nuigicns — — nicobarica — - — palumbus — — paflerina — — riforia — — - rupicola — —

    A general synopsis of birds [microform]


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