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  • n. Any salt or ester or pamidronic acid
  • n. The sodium salt of pamidronic acid, used to treat osteoporosis


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  • Bone constantly makes new bone and absorbs old bone; pamidronate slowed down the rate at which your body would absorb the bone; it allowed you to move enough to build up strength in your bones.

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  • Once, Dr. Rosenblad had explained it to me by holding up a kitchen sponge: bone was porous, the pamidronate filled in the holes a little.

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  • I attributed it to concern over you—with the pamidronate treatment and the femur breaks and the rodding surgery, she had plenty on her mind—and I was determined to divert her attention.

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  • “And you said that, prior to the advent of pamidronate for OI, these children had a much more limited life in terms of mobility, correct?”

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  • “It was probably cheaper than shots of pamidronate,” I said, and she laughed.

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  • You were sitting in a hospital bed with a blanket thrown over your spica cast, reading a trivia book while we waited for your pamidronate infusion.

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  • I was working at Shriners in Omaha at the time, and Willow was part of our pamidronate trials there.

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  • “How long have you been using pamidronate to treat children with OI?”

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  • And I started monthly infusions of a bone strengthening drug called pamidronate.

    CNN Transcript Jun 21, 2001

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