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  • n. Same as Pan's pipes (which see, under pipe).


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  • She changed form, and pranced as she played her pan-pipe horn, two melodies in counterpoint.

    Here There Are Monsters

  • And those people who make the pan-pipe versions of Celine Dion songs that get played in Indian resturants across the country.

    The Dictatorship's Annual Survey

  • OTOH, there's the interesting possibility that they can abstract two functions out of this software - the "notes being played" bit, and the "piano is played like this" bit... it'd be interesting if they can abstract other instruments, so instead of just "this is the same piece of music played with pan-pipe samples", you could get "here's the same piece of music, played as though a pan-pipe player were playing it..."

    Startup claims to have found music-tech Holy Grail

  • You could analyse a Jimi Hendrix guitar part, edit the notes a little, and replay it with pan-pipe samples over a new track, with the feel & vibe completely intact.

    Startup claims to have found music-tech Holy Grail

  • Hendrix rendered in pan-pipe samples "with the feel and vibe intact?"

    Startup claims to have found music-tech Holy Grail

  • When hushing the pan-pipe and double pipe, a stringed instrument she thrums.

    Hung Lou Meng

  • Presently, became audible the notes of the pan-pipe and double flute, now soft, now loud, and the blended accents of the pipe and fife.

    Hung Lou Meng

  • The early morning breeze rustled the reeds round the island and sang in the strange ribbed house as in a giant pan-pipe.

    The Father Brown Omnibus

  • The air resounds with the pipe and tabor, and the drums and trumpets of the showmen shouting at the doors of their caravans, over which tremendous pictures of the wonders to be seen within hang temptingly; while through all rises the shrill "root-too-too-too" of Mr. Punch, and the unceasing pan-pipe of his satellite.

    Tom Brown's Schooldays

  • Songs, of which I have translated three, are sung on these nights to the accompaniments of the "Khane," a pan-pipe of seven flutes; some being reserved for the singing of the wandering bands of girls, and others for answer by the youths.

    The Garden of Bright Waters One Hundred and Twenty Asiatic Love Poems


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