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  • n. A small decorative box, usually of metal and especially of Indian manufacture. Compare spice-box.
  • n. In the Philippine Islands, the textile screw-pine, Pandanus tectorius, a species with glaucous sword-shaped leaves armed with spines on the keel and margin, and possessing great tensile strength and flexibility. The leaves are divested of their spiny margins and keel and after having been properly cured are split into ribbons of greater or less fineness and woven into hats, bags, and mats.


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  • During a cooking class on Bali, Anna’s teacher explained that pandan is used in Southeast Asian cooking in a similar way to how vanilla is used in Western cooking.

    Weekend Herb Blogging #155 Round-Up

  • The same goes for baking ingredients which are a staple in my pantry - even exotics such as pandan syrup, orange flour water, rose water, clarified butter and fine semolina not breaking the bank at all.

    Food for Thought

  • I googled "pandan" and here is a picture of the plant.

    WED #5: Shabu shabu

  • Rice: A blend of regular and "aged" rice (which absorbs more flavor) is cooked in chicken stock with six herbs (garlic, ginger, galangal, shallots, pandan and lemon grass) for this fluffy and intensely fragrant bowl of chicken rice.

    Dish: Black Hainan Chicken Rice

  • The pandan crepe with mango and ice cream is hard to resist.

    After Hours: Manila

  • It contained mint chocolate cookie/brownies, pandan marshmallow fluff, pretzels, paprika, peanut butter, caramel sauce, and ground chili peppers - and that is not a complete list of components.

    BlogHer Food recap! | Baking Bites

  • In the US and Australia, many Asian stores sell frozen pandan leaves which Anna says retain their flavor.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Anna, of Morsels & Musings, uses sago pearls (similar to tapioca pearls) and pandan (screwpine) leaves to make an Indonesian dessert called Sagu Gula Bali.

    Weekend Herb Blogging #155 Round-Up

  • David Hagerman for The Wall Street Journal And to finish things off, Madam Kwan's cendol (shaved ice, pandan leaf-flavored rice-flour noodles, and red beans doused with coconut milk and palm-sugar syrup) and ABC, or ais batur campur ( "mixed ice," which is shaved ice doused with condensed milk, coconut milk and a flavored syrup, in this case pink-flavored).

    Street Food, Smart Setting

  • After chopping and juicing, we mixed the pulp and juice in massive woks and pots with cinnamon and several knots of the fragrant, tropical pandan leaf used in many Southeast Asian desserts.

    Powerfully Good Cookie


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