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  • noun A coherent belief in a God who is both pantheistic and deistic, e.g. a God who designed the universe and then created it by becoming the universe, thus ceasing to act consciously with respect to the universe.
  • noun rare Worship which admits or tolerates favorable aspects of all religions; omnitheism.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

A blend of pantheism and deism; or possibly from German Pandeismus or Italian pandeismo


  • Dawkins is successful in refuting Christianity, which is after all based on the worship of an evil and monstrous God; but Dawkins can not strike any blows against pandeism, a religious viewpoint that accepts the truth of scientific discovery, and reconciles that with a fundamentally fair and just spiritual understanding of the Universe, the purpose of its creation, and its direction.

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