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  • n. A primitive wind instrument consisting of a series of pipes or reeds of graduated length bound together, played by blowing across the top open ends. Often used in the plural. Also called mouth organ, Pandean pipe, syrinx.

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  • n. A set of panpipes

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  • n. a primitive wind instrument consisting of several parallel pipes bound together


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Pan + pipe.

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Pan +‎ pipe


  • The playing is almost always exquisite, from the folksy piano lilt and almost pop-hook conviviality of Utnem's Kyrie, to the evocative spaciousness of Nu Seglar Vi Inn, a slowly spun web that makes remarkable use of the saxophonist's tone-bending and panpipe-like inflections.

    Trygve Seim/Andreas Utnem: Purcor – review

  • There is something comical about the imperialist ranting of twin sister Paula, who slanders the neighbouring Peruvians for their panpipe music and the Bolivians for wearing too many clothes.


  • While previous single, DJ, Ease My Mind, was more immediate, Mother Protect contains its fair share of incredible moments, specifically what sounds like a panpipe solo around the two-minute mark and a thunderous mid-section break that features Malin singing "You can't keep me down I am done, I am furious" as if the world is ending.

    New music: Niki and the Dove – Mother Protect

  • Within five minutes of hearing the SC theme on panpipe, I whipped out my recorder and played it.

    "Three: Look out, it's coming!"

  • When I was with Boulez's ensemble, he composed a piece for us called 'Antara,' using sampled panpipe sounds.

    A Peripatetic Pianist Feels at Home With Complexity

  • The strength of these exercises, which are a form of perdurable prayer, rests in the voices that accompany hers, children responding through the decades, syllable-crisp, a panpipe reply that is the lucid music of her life.


  • Three spins of godawful panpipe muzak versions of Wonderful Tonight and Britney Spears was away; and we all know what happened next – needless to say it involved bald Britney Spears going loopy-doo, a bewildering million-dollar Britney Spears hair sale and a bunch of kickass Britney haikus.

    Britney Spears Gets Rehab Advice From, Um, Daniel Baldwin

  • At the end of the lime-tree avenue is a broken-nosed damp Faun, with a marble panpipe, who pipes to the spirit ditties which I believe never had any tune.

    The Newcomes

  • Good old British customer care meant we received no apology, and instead had insult added to injury by having to sit in the foyer listening to panpipe versions of 'I've Had The Time Of My Life'.

    Anna's Fun Weekend In London

  • Tim Finigan of The Hermeneutic of Continuity explains:"Creative Liturgy" is used as a label for the kind of celebrations that involve liturgical dance, picking coloured beads out of glass bowls, listening to whale or panpipe music etc.

    Why not creative liturgy?


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