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  • n. A traditional Korean style of narrative song, in which a single performer is accompanied by a drummer


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From Korean 판소리 (pansori)


  • The performance utilizes daily sounds and voice work derived from the Korean traditional Korean one-person opera 'pansori' and traditional folk song.

    Jim Caruso's Cast Party on

  • There will be joruri and pansori performances for the highbrows and Chemistry and Lee Jung-hyun concerts for everyone else.

    With friends like this. . . » Japundit Blog

  • The spectacle is virtually miniaturized to accommodate the operatic tradition of the pansori, and the characters are imbued with a charming folk innocence rendered in terms of Capraesque populism and Christ-like suffering on the part of Chunhyang, a Mizoguchian heroine created by another woman-oriented Asian director.

    A Sinking Lily Bart and Her Unforgiving Circle

  • Mr. Kwon-Taek has integrated his narrative with the ancient operatic tradition of pansori - an audience-arousing art form combining dance, music and song, all punctuated by the rhythmic beating of a gong-like drum.

    A Sinking Lily Bart and Her Unforgiving Circle

  • At first, the single pansori singer seems to be addressing us through the camera, but as the film progresses he is seen facing a theater audience as if he is telling the story without any filmic accompaniment.

    A Sinking Lily Bart and Her Unforgiving Circle

  • Eun-Me Ahn is one of the most vital forces on the South Korean dance scene, her choreography fusing traditional languages like the dance theatre form pansori with the contemporary influences like Butoh and Pina Bausch.

    The Guardian World News

  • I heard this pansori singer a couple of years ago and she keeps getting better and better.

    The Marmot's Hole

  • Shin Chong Hae is an Ewha graduate and is an absolutely killing pansori singer.

    The Marmot's Hole

  • If historical culture is your thing, then be sure to see one of the daily calligraphy demonstrations and pansori performances. Top Stories

  • The show "EveR Comes to Earth" features an android, who has come to the human world to learn pansori, or traditional narrative songs, after being mesmerized by human music. : Total


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