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  • n. The doctrine of the widespread distribution of germs, from which under favorable circumstances bacteria may develop.
  • n. The doctrine that all organisms must come from living parents; biogenesis.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as panspermatism.


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  • Look, Dawkins has admitted that something like directed panspermy is plausible.

    Dawkins and ID

  • I'm not saying that Dawkins should now be focusing on one sci-fi idea (directed panspermy) in place of another (the original Self-Replicator).

    Dawkins and ID

  • My ID hypotheses are also consistent with directed panspermy and I am not sure what sense of purpose I would get out of that.

    Cleaning Up The Mess

  • He took a lively interest in various branches of physics, as illustrated by his theory of the importance of the CO2-content of the atmosphere for the climate, his discussion of the possibility that radiation pressure might enable the spreading of living spores through the universe (panspermy) and by his various contributions to our knowledge of the northern lights.

    Svante Arrhenius - Biography


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