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  • adj. Alternative spelling of pantyless.


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  • - Fenris will find true love and begin his new life in California as the sire to a yet-to-be-discovered pantiless Hollywood starlet (I could be wrong, predictions are more of a Sargon thing and the morning after headache I have clouds my sight).

    The View From Reg's Window

  • Having realized that her career as a mainstream pop entertainer is probably all but over following her universally-reviled attempt at a comeback performance on the MTV Video Music Awards last night, Britney Spears seems to have tragically retreated to the one thing she knows she can still do well: flash paparazzi glimpses of her pantiless snooch.

    ICYMI: Following VMA Nightmare, Britney Suffers No-Panty Relapse, Flashes Her Beav Again | Best Week Ever

  • Tara Conner proved she has the partying chops to hang out with Paris, Britney, Lindsay or the other Tara and keep her name in the blogs indefinitely depending on the number of pantiless paparazzi shots she can garner.

    Anastasia Goodstein: Miss USA Would Make A Perfect Teen Pop Star

  • They have set the standard for pop stars gone wild with their DUI busts, rumored eating disorders and other pantiless escapades.

    Anastasia Goodstein: Reflections On The Year in Youth Culture

  • I can't imagine what it would feel like to be judged and scrutinized for everything -- from fashion faux pas, to poor choices in men to your parenting skills and pantiless partying.

    Anastasia Goodstein: A Letter of Truth To Britney Spears

  • KAYE: Still, how can one explain all this, baiting photographers by going pantiless.

    CNN Transcript Jan 4, 2008

  • KAYE: Still how can one explain all this, baiting photographers by going pantiless.

    CNN Transcript Jan 5, 2008

  • Between the pantiless partying, the head-shaving, the rehab and the custody battles, it ` s easy to forget Britney was once a super star.

    CNN Transcript Jul 2, 2008

  • Just like last year, the beginning of her pantiless partying year with Paris Hilton, who does she choose to celebrate number 26 with?

    CNN Transcript Jan 3, 2008

  • In these pantiless times, most pretty lithe things with a spark of talent (or just the delusion of it) hightail it to Hollywood as quickly as they can, glancing toward the stage only when they need a quick credibility fix.

    The Glorious Miss Pill


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