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  • adj. Without panties.


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  • Even if there were no 'pantyless' campaign, the campaign against extra-marital sex would go on.

    Malaysiakini :: News

  • The same cannot be said for his latest shocker: Tweeting a link to an alleged upskirt photo of a pantyless 17-year-old Miley Cyrus.

    Obama's war footing

  • He could definitely have led her down the road to pantyless perdition.

    One Flight Up

  • He is real, live, flesh-and-blood Dingo having fantasy intercourse with cartoons while I, the guy he thinks is a pathetic chode, had a real, living, breathing pantyless girl straddling my lap a few hours ago.


  • Last place I want to search for my keys with my hands is where someones unknown pantyless or thong wearing ass has previously been!

    Regretsy – No Introduction Necessary

  • I have no idea how Paris Hilton and the like stand putting their pantyless bits on every limo seat and bar stool in America.

    Regretsy – Giant, Engorged Mailbag

  • It is hard to imagine riding in a limo drinking bourbon with a pantyless MacDworkin.


  • Rich Spoiled Kids - Kids spending their parent's money while flashing their pantyless crotches are being treated like the world is better simply because they were born.

    Tom Gerdy: What The Hell Is Going On?!?!?!?!?!?

  • I have a dream that tabloids like "In Touch Weekly" won't lump allegations of Britney Spears 'taking antidepressants into the same category as her 24-hour marriage, all-night clubbing, and pantyless photos -- that our world might be more sophisticated and informed than that.

    Therese Borchard: On MLK Day: I, Too, Have a Dream

  • So now we see Dick Fuld making hundreds of millions and John Thain redecorating, and the financial grunts getting multimillions, and the vast majority of us plebes getting the bread and circuses of our day, like cheap electronics and up-to-the-minute accounts of the peregrinations of pantyless pop stars.

    Jamie Malanowski: Defining Extravagance Up


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