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  • n. A pad worn on the inner surface of women's underwear, up against the vulva, during a shoulder-day of the menstrual period, designed to absorb small, spotty quantities of menstrual fluid, in contrast to a tampon or sanitary napkin, worn on heavy-flow days.


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panty +‎ liner.


  • I dunno what you're seeing when you look at that "cross", but I'm seeing an unexplainably brown pantyliner.

    Easter? Is That You?

  • And I thought it was a pantyliner.....without the wings of course.

    Getting a Bad Vibe Here...

  • I am just puzzled at the idea of a pantyliner or a regular tampon.

    Margaret Cho: Let She Who Is Without Period Stains Throw The First Tampon

  • I'm all for naked chicks on bikes, but wouldn't a pantyliner be appropriate to protect the saddle?

    From Hankies to Hanky-Panky: Porn and Product Placement

  • The matter was made worse by the fact that I lived with my dad for most of the week, and he was in charge of buying my sanitary products — except he never did quite learn the difference between a pad and a pantyliner, and for the first few months I could never figure out why one or three liners changed on an hourly basis still leaked through.

    Getting the easy stuff out of the way. « Love | Peace | Ohana

  • We would then have to design a special pantyliner worthy of the WWND undie line.

    Ann Aguirre » Blog Archive » Rockin’ Girl Blogging Award

  • I realized that I had forgotten to put a pantyliner on and when I went to do it, I noticed something gooey.

    Labour Day!

  • I had to suffer through the entirety of Ruben Studdard's "Flying Without Wings", as I couldn't locate my iPod amidst all the pantyliner wrappers.

    Purse Words

  • The first two days it was enough to leave a very small, light streak of light brown on a pantyliner, and the last two days it was so light it was only barely noticeable on the tissue when I wiped.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • Though I may not have used my pantyliner to stop a bleeding foot, I have used a tiny tampon to fix a bleeding nose lori - 04 / 22 / 2008 at 6: 44 pm ouch!!!! ionce cut my palm on a can of dog food. .my husband freaked out. there was blood everywhere. ran to my r. r and got an always pad. and that baby absorbed … …

    Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind


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