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  • Capable of being made a pope; eligible to the papacy.


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  • She's a tall, slender, elegantly beautiful Southern lady of some 50+ years I only offer this last detail, because you must appreciate that she is no mere girl of 30 or 40, she has a presence that can only become papable with experience and wisdom.

    Italian Sausage Pilau

  • GALLAGHER: Papabile, there's no real English translation, maybe papable, but it comes from pappa because the Italians call the pope the pappa.

    CNN Transcript Apr 3, 2005

  • COOPER: Papabile, which means papable, someone who could be capable of being pope, just like people say oh yeah, that guy's presidential.

    CNN Transcript Apr 3, 2005

  • These wants, papable as they are in times of peace, become doubly pressing in time of war.

    Ocean Steam Navigation and the Ocean Post

  • As much as I love and adore my beautiful girl, I don't think she's papable.

    No Ordinary Moment

  • Her sense of failed responsibility for taking care of Papa's dog was papable.

    No Ordinary Moment

  • Photo: J.Bennett Fitts Rocketeers Pack Tech Muscle Into Model Mounted horizontally on a launch rail, the long, slender rocket exudes such papable menace that you cant' help but feel sorry for the poor bastards on the receiving end.

    Pyro Geek Hobbyists Experiment With Homebrew Rockets

  • Everywhere in the city the tension is papable, we have always had the sense that the jim crow mentality was beneath the surface but with all the racially devisive inuendo being put out by Mccain/Palin the rippling currents of animosities that haven’t been felt here covertly for a very long time are boilng beneath the surface.

    Evening Buzz: 18 days to go

  • Firj}, I am to fhew the more ptatn zad papable pn* failahons of that holy name forbidden ia this coai 'mand.

    An Illustration of the Doctrines of the Christian Religion: With Respect to Faith and Practice ...


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