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  • n. The fine pulp prepared for making paper from any of the various materials used for this purpose.


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  • On Tuesday, paper-pulp producer Rottneros AB temporally halted some of its production of pulp due to the high electricity price.

    Europe Battles Through Bitter Cold Snap

  • In Brazil, the growing list of blue-chip casualties includes paper-pulp giant Aracruz Celulose SA and industrial conglomerate Grupo Votorantim.

    Big Currency Bets Backfire

  • It was only after a 1977 watercolor portrait and a 1978 portrait with a stamp pad and fingerprints, that the artist's fascination with Mr. Glass evolved into a paper-pulp piece in the early '80s.

    Paper Art: The Art World's Hottest Bargain

  • The entrepreneur sponsored his residency at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute in 2005, where he worked with a Japanese printmaker and an American papermaker to develop colorful "wet on wet" paper-pulp works.

    Investing in India's Art

  • I cannot cease sniffing at it, and marveling its paper-pulp new-baby smell.

    Cherie Priest » Blog Archive » SEBA looms, books arrive

  • His father, John Evans, had made a fortune as a part-owner of a paper-pulp mill and had risen to distinction at Oxford as a geologist, archaeologist, and numismatist.

    Saving Knossos

  • He stayed on the main trunk and rose quietly, unspectacularly, steadily to the very crown of Canada's largest lumber and paper-pulp combine.


  • When the trial resumed that afternoon, the lawyer grandly announced that the Canadian lumber and paper-pulp combine had joined in the class action suit against the rapacious forces of evil known as Bunker Books.


  • A machine for punching out the figures is in common use, but the swindler has successfully filled in the holes with paper-pulp and punched other figures to suit his purposes.

    Up To Date Business Home Study Circle Library Series (Volume II.)

  • The powders invented by Mr E.J. Ryves contain nitro - glycerine, nitro-cotton, castor-oil, paper-pulp, and carbonate of magnesia.

    Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise


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