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  • n. The paper-mulberry
  • n. The Nepāl paper-shrub, Daphne cannabina, of the Himalayan region.
  • n. An other shrub, Edgeworthia Gardneri, of India, China, etc., whose bark prepared like hemp forms a superior paper-material.
  • n. A tree, Streblus (Trophis) asper, called paper-tree of Siam, though common in the East Indies.


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  • They were looking down from an apparent height of forty feet on a clearing in a paper-tree forest in Siberia.

    Anything You Can Do ...

  • Now a Martian paper-tree, even in the mutated form, is quite resistant to U-V, since it evolved under the thin atmosphere of Mars, which gives much less protection from ultraviolet radiation than Earth's does.

    Anything You Can Do ...

  • We lined the hut with the bark of the paper-tree, which had the appearance of a reddish-brown drapery.

    Adventures of Louis de Rougemont

  • I made a ball out of opossum skin, stuffed with the light soft bark of the paper-tree, and stitched with gut.

    Adventures of Louis de Rougemont

  • The various manufactories of paper here and elsewhere in the country form one of its most extended industries, the basis of the material being the bark of certain trees; indeed, one is on this account designated as the paper-tree, and, being a species of the mulberry, it serves a double purpose, -- its leaves feeding the little insect which is so important a factor in Japanese products.

    Due West or Round the World in Ten Months

  • These were next stopped up by handfuls of xanthorea leaves, or by strips of bark from the paper-tree.

    The Bushman — Life in a New Country

  • Fish and other things are frequently baked in the bark of the paper-tree.

    The Bushman — Life in a New Country

  • Lady, from whom he received the copy of verses on the paper-tree, which, for many years, had been missing. "

    Lives of the English Poets : Waller, Milton, Cowley


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