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  • n. Plural form of papermill.


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  • This could be a big win for sole practicioners who go up against government papermills.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Second Circuit Due Process Victory for Connecticut Carry Permit Holders

  • The difficulties in transporting the papermills 'products to the cardboard factories cause delays in the cardboard box plan, which in turn affects the production of condensed milk, drinks, paints, pharmaceutical products, and so forth.


  • In the marketing and packaging of our original products I had been forced to acquire papermills and large interests in aluminum and steel; from there the progression to tinmines and rollingmills, to coalfields and railroads, to shippinglines and machineshops was not far.

    Greener Than You Think

  • I figured it wouldn't be long before the papermills would be hollerin 'for raw materials the way they was turnin' out the paper, so I nosed around a bit an 'bought options on pulpwood land here an' there.

    The Challenge of the North

  • The papermills which called down Cobbett's curses were probably originally powdermills, and were turned to their new uses first in the reign of Queen Anne.

    Highways and Byways in Surrey

  • His fellow-citizens, assembled in the Place du Murier, were Cointets 'workpeople from the papermills and printing-house, with a sprinkling of Lucien's old schoolfellows and the clerks in the employ of

    Eve and David

  • Rather, an email printed on a piece of paper from sustainably sourced wood can help keep areas covered in trees raised for the papermills, whereas reading the same email online could require using power sourced from mountaintop-removal coal-mining.


  • ----Also, for those not in the know....the rivers of NC were ruined by papermills, and cotton mills, even back 30+ years ago.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Coun Wakefield said paper could get contaminated with broken glass, which meant it could not be used by papermills and had to be used for other purposes, like fuel pellets.


  • Tax is taken out of paychecks with the loggers, papermills, delivery companies, stores, our pockets when we pay for TP and for each time we either pay our sewer bill or to have our septics inspected, so indirectly we are already multitaxed for wiping.



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