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  • n. Plural form of papilloma.


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  • These are usually papillomas, which is a viral wart.

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  • Had one buck with numerous papillomas (skin warts), including one huge one on his muzzle.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • Furthermore when fragments of the epidermal carcinomas, arising from papillomas induced in cottontail rabbits by oncogenic hydrocarbons, were exposed to the

    Peyton Rous - Nobel Lecture

  • Yet they are unlike in certain distinctive, cytological respects; and when the papilloma virus was injected into the blood stream of domestic rabbits carrying papillomas due to chemical initiation it localized in these and urged them on, rendering them much more vigorous, and altering the cells of some in such wise that they became mongrel growths exhibiting merged features referable to both agents, and making others carcinomatous forthwith.

    Peyton Rous - Nobel Lecture

  • Some of the carcinomas arising from the papillomas of domestic rabbits were serially transplanted, and one that soon became anaplastic and exceedingly malignant has now been maintained for 28 years by transfer from rabbit to rabbit.

    Peyton Rous - Nobel Lecture

  • After some months carcinomas arose from most of the actively proliferating virus papillomas of both cottontail and domestic rabbits, owing to further changes in their cells resembling those that take place now and again in benign papillomas initiated in rabbits by chemical agents and actuated in some way unknown.

    Peyton Rous - Nobel Lecture

  • Experimentation carried out in my laboratory together with Beard, Kidd, Friedewald and MacKenzie showed the "warts" produced by the virus to be genuine tumors, benign epidermal papillomas in which the virus persists although eliciting an antibody capable of neutralizing it on direct exposure.

    Peyton Rous - Nobel Lecture

  • Large, flat _papillomas_ or warts may be single or multiple; they are of slow growth, and as they may also become the starting-point of epithelioma, they should be removed.

    Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition.

  • Patients with suppressed immune systems have an increased risk of developing papillomas and may actually carry several types of HPV.


  • Skin papillomas are caused by 130 different types of HPV.



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