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  • adj. ridiculous, ludicrous
  • n. A fool, a buffoon
  • n. mockery, ridicule
  • v. to mock, to make fun of


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Early 20th century alteration of Scottish dialect puppy show "puppet show".


  • Keith's column did more than merely evoke those long gone times when my love for calypso and language was nurtured in perhaps the best environment in the world for those who love words like 'picong', 'wahbeen women', 'pappyshow' and 'mammaguy'.

    TrinidadExpress Today's News

  • Or perhaps our MPs are too busy entertaining us with the pappyshow they know we love.

    TrinidadExpress Today's News

  • Until then, those of us who do not fall prey to the pappyshow of local politicians have to endure the filth that passes for leadership.

    TrinidadExpress Today's News

  • Paolo's Blog says: "The only real outcome that one can expect from this latest pappyshow is that lawyers will make out like bandits, taxpayers will make out like paupers and it will be

    Global Voices Online


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