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  • n. In military tactics, a position of rest in which the soldier stands silent and motionless, but which is less fatiguing than the position of “attention”: it is much used during parades; also, the command given to assume this position.


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  • The woman came to the base of the ramp and moved to the right five paces where she stood at parade-rest, hands clasped behind her back and staring straight ahead.

    Firefly Ship Works Ltd. » Blog Archive » Stray Dogs, Chapter One: An Unexpected Gift

  • His hands were clasped behind his back, unconsciously at parade-rest, as he surveyed the surroundings.

    Thunder and Ashes

  • Champion clasped his hands behind him in a parade-rest stance and maintained a respectful silence.

    Hunting Fear

  • But you would think with the officers there, as I said something of a parade-rest demeanor about them, they may have this situation under control.

    CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Five Critically Shot at Pennsylvania McDonald's - March 1, 2000

  • And so there is the parade-rest kind of a stance that the S.W.A.T. members have taken outside the building.

    CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Five Critically Shot at Pennsylvania McDonald's - March 1, 2000

  • The Companions halted, the mixed troops behind them came to parade-rest, and both Heralds dismounted from their saddles with agility that gave the lie to the silver in their hair.


  • He stood in as crisp a parade-rest stance as he could He was uncertain whether it was correct, but it resembled a position he'd learned in his martial arts training, and nobody to object.

    In Alien Hands

  • From a nearby barracks a troop of a dozen soldiers, neatly uniformed, marched out with long rifles and took a parade-rest posture facing a wall constructed of big stones fitted together by artistic masons in years past.


  • The Midnight Guard moved from their parade-rest stance, to attention, as Emperor Mocdar Jek Tromok entered the room with a recorded orchestra flourish proceeding him.

    Before Destruction

  • He brought his hands together in the Human military posture of parade-rest, and his manner announced again that he was clothed in dignity.

    The Price of the Phoenix


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