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  • noun See flycatcher.


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  • Three Mascarene endemic birds occur on more than one island, the Mascarene paradise-flycatcher (Terpsiphone bourbonnensis), Mascarene grey white-eye (Zosterops borbonicus), and Mascarene swiftlet (Collocalia francica).

    Mascarene forests

  • There are 12 endemic species found here, including two species, the Seychelles Scops-owl (Otus insularis CR) and the Seychelles paradise-flycatcher (Terpsiphone corvine CR), which are confined to single islands.

    Granitic Seychelles forests

  • The maleo is but one of some 50 bird species threatened with extinction in this hotspot, including the caerulean paradise-flycatcher (Eutrichomyias rowleyi, CR), which was thought to be extinct until its rediscovery in 1998.

    Biological diversity in Wallacea

  • Today, the only remaining habitat is a small patch of montane forest on top of an extinct volcano (Gunung Sahendaruman), thought to be the last home of the caerulean paradise-flycatcher and Sangihe white-eye, and last known stronghold for the Sangihe shrike-thrush (Colluricincla sanghirensis, CR) and elegant sunbird (Aethopyga duyvenbodei, EN).

    Biological diversity in Wallacea

  • The most beautiful of all the flycatchers is _Terpsiphone paradisi_ -- the paradise-flycatcher, or ribbon-bird, as it is often called.

    Birds of the Indian Hills

  • Near-endemic species include Nahan's francolin (Francolinus nahani, EN), Ituri batis (Batis ituriensis), Turner's eremomela (Eremomela turneri, EN), Congo peacock (Afropavo congensis, VU), Sassi's greenbul (Phyllastrephus lorenzi), Bedford's paradise-flycatcher (Terpsiphone bedfordi), and on the eastern margins with the Albertine Rift Chapin's mountain-babbler (Kupeornis chapini).

    Northeastern Congolian lowland forests


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