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  • Of the nature of a paradox; paradoxical.


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  • I just love the paradoxic quagmire the left-wing have got themselves into.

    I Pity Gay Men

  • So I guess it is no surprise he feels, it seems through his somewhat paradoxic and twisted logic, that the enemy should be used to cull friendly soldiers who fall into their hands because these troops are too weak and/or stupid and their loss will only harden the rest of the army who must then go on to smash that same enemy with as much violence and blood as possible.

    WIngnut colonels, PoWs, and recurrent themes

  • The mechansim for this paradoxic response is unknown.

    The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry

  • Traveling in such unthinkable haste, it is paradoxic that there is much time to spare.

    Talents, Incorporated

  • It is paradoxic that before men have walked on Mars 'red iron-oxide plains and breathed its thin cold air, or fought for life in the formaldehyde gales of Venus, that they should look upon a world which welcomes them from illimitable remoteness.

    Operation: Outer Space

  • There was the paradoxic gentleness of all the jeep's motions because of the low gravity.

    Operation: Outer Space

  • Happiness is paradoxic because it may coexist with trial, sorrow and poverty.

    The Majesty of Calmness; individual problems and posibilities

  • This quiz completely ignores the problem of the intrinsic paradoxic nature of reality.


  • And then suddenly and without shock -- like the shifting of the wood smoke -- the mood veered, and there was nothing but I. Space and eternity were I.- vast projections of myself, tingling with my consciousness to the remotest fringe of the outward swinging atom-drift; through immeasurable night, pierced capriciously with shafts of paradoxic day; through and beyond the awful circle of yearless duration, my ego lived and knew itself and thrilled with the glory of being.

    The River and I

  • I’m a moderate hedonist–I have no problem with anyone indulging the sensory pleasures of this life to the extent that their joy does not harm others I also have paradoxic ascetic sensibilities.

    Philosophy Quiz. | Mind on Fire


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