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  • n. One who makes or affects paradoxes; a lover of paradox; a paradoxer.


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  • Maximus was a paradoxist and it is doubtful that his conclusions were to be taken seri - ously.


  • In his Paradossi (1542), the first vernacular collection of paradoxes in Europe, Ortensio Lando argued for various disagreeable and officially low con - ditions, such as imprisonment, exile, debt, cuckoldry, and bastardy; all these are made to seem, however the paradoxist must reach for his instances, in some context or other preferable to their dialectical opposites:


  • The tightrope-walking paradoxist took as his task, quite literally, equivocation, as part of his loyalty to indeter - minacy and to inclusiveness.


  • For the paradoxist any - way, ignorantia had to be docta to count: for that reason, the literary paradox can claim its place in an encyclopedia of philosophy.


  • The professional paradoxist went about with holes in his boots.

    Without Prejudice

  • It has often seemed to me that a large part of the mischief -- for let it be remembered that the published errors of the paradoxist are indicative of much unpublished misapprehension -- arises from the undeserved contempt with which our books of astronomy too often treat the labours of

    Myths and Marvels of Astronomy

  • It may have been that a clear reasoner like De Morgan could hardly (despite his wide experience) appreciate the confusion of mind which is the normal characteristic of the paradoxist.

    Myths and Marvels of Astronomy

  • A paradoxist in America (of Louisville, Kentucky) who had invented a theory of the weather, in which the planets, by their influence on the sun, were supposed to produce all weather-changes, the nearer planets being the most effective, found his theory wanted Vulcan very much.

    Myths and Marvels of Astronomy

  • A half-understood explanation, or a carelessly worded account of some natural phenomenon, leads the paradoxist, whose nature is compounded of conceit and simplicity, to originate a theory of his own on the subject.

    Myths and Marvels of Astronomy

  • In my correspondence with Mr. Reddie I recognised the real source of the amazing self-complacency displayed by the true paradoxist.

    Myths and Marvels of Astronomy


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