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  • adj. Beyond or over a corresponding limbic structure


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From para- +‎ limbic


  • Dolphins, for example, have a massive paralimbic lobe, a structure that human beings do not possess.

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  • The paralimbic lobe is an outgrowth of the cingulate gyrus, which is known to elaborate social communication and social emotions such as feelings of separation distress and maternal intent in all other mammals.

    Mind Wide Open

  • Dolphins have a massive new brain area, the paralimbic lobe, that we do not possess.

    Mind Wide Open

  • These results also provide further confirmation that reciprocal involvements of both auditory and associative/paralimbic areas are essential in the generation of tinnitus.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • He says that the brains of psychopaths tend to show distinct defects in the paralimbic system, a network of brain regions important for memory and regulating emotion.

    Scientific American

  • He believes this reaction originates from the lower regions of the brain, such as the limbic and paralimbic system.

    New Scientist - Online News

  • They appear to have weaker connections in the inner recesses of the brain that make up the paralimbic system, which involves emotions and self-control.

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  • Research indicates that there are abnormalities in central nervous system serotonin transmission and in the paralimbic circuit.

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