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  • n. either of a pair of genes that derive from the same ancestral gene


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  • In mammals, the cecum expresses Hox paralogs groups 9-11, but the large intestine expresses Hox paralog groups 9-12.

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  • Thus, biallelic germline mutations in a RAD51 paralog are associated with an FA-like syndrome.

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  • RAD51 paralog and support the 'common disease, rare allele' hypothesis.

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  • Reduction in the activity of Nek7 or its close paralog, Nek6, has previously been shown to arrest cells in mitosis, mainly at metaphase.

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  • Consistently, zebrafish embryos carrying mutations in bulldog that codes for the Sec24D paralog, suffer skeletal dysmorphologies caused by the failure to secret ECM material

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  • This protein lacks the complete domain set common to Sec23/Sec24 proteins, including the Sec23/24 (vWFA-like) domain, and only consists of a region which is specific to this Sec24 paralog and which is predicted to be unstructured.

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  • The paralog prediction uses automatically generated maximum-likelihood phylogenetic trees.

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  • Annual Review of Microbiology 44: 429-449. van Schaijk BCL, van Dijk MR, van de Vegte-Bolmer M, van Gemert GJ, van Dooren MW, et al. (2006) Pfs47, paralog of the male fertility factor Pfs48/45, is a female specitic surface protein in Plasmodium falciparum.

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  • While zebrafish embryos deficient for all three SUMO paralogs, as Ubc9-deficient ones, displayed severe defects, loss of individual SUMO paralog was compatible with a normal development.

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  • (D) The phenotypic potential of capacitors with only one paralog in the genome (blue), their paralogs (green), and all nonessential genes (grey).

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