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  • n. That field of medicine practiced by paramedics.


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  • "Emergency!" was about two firefighters, John Gage (Randolph Mantooth) and Roy DeSoto (Kevin Tighe), who were pioneers in a brand new specialty called paramedicine.

    The Stars That Popularized Paramedicine

  • The original threads of community paramedicine trace back to places like Nova Scotia, which began experimenting with the idea around 2000 when a doctor who had served two remote islands off the Canadian coast retired; paramedics were recruited to fill the gap.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Centennial offers a variety of innovative degree programs in paramedicine, journalism, new media, environmental science and industrial microbiology in conjunction with the University of Toronto at Scarborough, and the Bachelor of Science Nursing program with Ryerson University.

    Arab Times Kuwait English Daily

  • According to David Buckle, regional director of paramedicine and medical transport for Western Health, the safety of paramedics was a major reason for bringing such a unit to the region, as was maintaining the dignity of patients requiring medical attention.

    The Western Star: Local

  • I also still proclaim "Squad 51" as a sacred symbol of paramedicine and that "John and Roy popping bi-carbs and epis" were the guiding light of my career in EMS, and should have won at least one Nobel Peace Prize. Top EMS News

  • Maybe he's registered with the muldovian underwater bango players school of paramedicine instead?

    Army Rumour Service

  • Brennan, who in the 1960s worked for Frank Pantridge, the Belfast cardiologist who pioneered paramedicine, says he has a unique understanding of changing something as simple as a rank insignia: "When you do that, someone appears to have lost, and that causes conflict." Top EMS News

  • Until the '70s, when formalized paramedicine became an integral component of emergency health care, they were often called upon to administer oxygen and deliver CPR. Top EMS News

  • I was to go to 3 adfa in germany as training officer, but didnt extend my SSC and left at that point. would have loved it, but left to get married! the QAs generally didnt want to go field in any way. about 20 % did and really wanted to be rmoas and get into green units. looks like nothing has changed. basicaly if you want to nurse-its better to stay in hospital or rear field units. if you want to do paramedicine and extended role nursing-field is the way to go. everything I did as an rmoa helped me go down the remote and austere medicine route, and i have done a modified rmoa role in civvie life for 20 years now, from europe to china via russia, the stans, the kents and south east asia. one advantage of army service is folk in the civvie world think you are superbly trained and experienced, and compared to the nhs equivalent-you are. whether ward or field unit, you are better placed to get that promotion or higher post in the civvie world.

    Army Rumour Service


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