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  • n. The representation of physical effects by simplified parameters in a computer model rather than by computing them dynamically


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  • A parameterization is a heuristic approximation of a complex physical process.

    Truth Machines « Climate Audit

  • The creation of cultural institutions encompassing virtually all creative talent contributed to what was called the parameterization of art; a process where a set of parameters of acceptability is created along ideological lines, dictated by power.

    The Full Feed from

  • Do you agree that some kind of parameterization of the subgrid scales is required in an atmospheric model or do you have another opinion?

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems « Climate Audit

  • Other combination mechanisms followed, such as parameterization and temporalization, which were more on the side of software specification.

    Combining Logics

  • Your different posts strike me as somewhat inconsistent: in #43 you worry about the use of an empirical drag law for evaporation and the “parameters” that this contains, but the odds are that the mesoscale model that you seem to like uses the same kind of parameterization of surface evaporation.

    Truth Machines « Climate Audit

  • (A caveat: like the much vaunted Global Climate Models (GCMs) Knutson and Emanuel's own models involve "parameterization".

    Eye on Britain

  • Because the rest of the model also has simplifications which, as you note, were tuned to give good results in spite of the bad old parameterization, not infrequently we wind up getting worse overall results with our spiffy new parameterization. jstults

    Climate Science and Software Quality | Serendipity

  • Bits of documentation, published papers, design notes, data files, parameterization schemes, etc can be placed on the sheet, near to the code that they are relevant to.

    Exploiting Spatial Memory: Code Canvas | Serendipity

  • The aim is to analyze the primary errors, and is especially useful for comparing parameterization schemes with the field data, to track down which parameterizations cause which forecast errors.

    2009 April 22 | Serendipity

  • Even this trivial parameterization of a scaled and twisted half-sphere yields an amazing variety of forms, each of which suggests interesting avenues to explore.

    Wolfram Blog : Twisted Architecture


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