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  • v. Present participle of parameterize.


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  • Once again, parameterizing this simple idea leads to a wealth of interesting phenomena.

    Wolfram Blog : Exploring Logo Designs with Mathematica

  • Being that the supersymmetry variation of the gravitino is the covariant derivative of the local spinor parameterizing the supersymmetry transformation, this would seem to always imply that the condition for supersymmetry is that there must exist a covariantly constant spinor field.

    Matter v Antimatter II: Electroweak Baryogenesis

  • In the Schwarzschild metric, there is a scalar parameterizing the metric, M.

    Dark Matter: Still Existing

  • Other alternative models such as higher autoregressive (AR(n), n greater than 1) models can provide a better fit to the overall spectrum, but often through parameterizing features that might be actually be associated with signals.

    Wilson et al 2007 « Climate Audit

  • If scientist A is coerced into parameterizing his module A on the basis of powerfully coercive teams B, C, D, then that also is an example of the model “doing” the science – the tail wagging the dog.

    Unthreaded #11 « Climate Audit

  • “Investigating k distribution methods for parameterizing gaseous absorption in the Hadley Centre Climate Model” S.

    Gerry North's Suggested Reading on Climate Models « Climate Audit

  • In parameterizing the non-physical portions of these models, what are the climate/circulation scenarios that are used, and how does one judge how representative they are of the climate system as a whole?

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems #2 « Climate Audit

  • There is a distinction between parameterizing and modeling physical processes.

    Truth Machines « Climate Audit

  • Many of the things that need to be parameterized are very very difficult. the problems with parameterizing convective clouds and subtropical stratocumulus clouds bump up against what is arguably the outstanding unsolved problem of classical physics: turbulence.

    Water Vapor and Cloud Feedbacks « Climate Audit

  • Their models are something like I envision for the computer climate models in that they start from some basic first principles of biology and then do some heavy parameterizing to fit the model to some historical results.

    Keenan's Comment on Chuine « Climate Audit


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