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  • n. The act of parametrizing


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parametric +‎ -ization


  • So you still have to resort to parametrization, knowing that slightly different values of your parameters will give you very different responses.

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems « Climate Audit

  • Different models will produce clouds in diferent locations and different altitudes, depending on their parametrization, on the water vapor transport i.e. 3-dimensional dynamics of the atmosphere.

    Some Links to Pielke Jr « Climate Audit

  • Here it is – my question on GCM parametrization being a poorly constrained problem.

    Pat Frank: Forcing assumptions in GCMs « Climate Audit

  • We consider that these five are consistent within the systematic uncertainty of the PGR models, which may have a range of uncertainty of 0.5 mm/yr depending on earth structure parametrization employed Mitrovica and Davis, 1995.

    U.S. CCSP REcommends Audit Trails « Climate Audit

  • In addition to the explicitly resolved scales of motions, the models also contain parametrization schemes representing the so-called subgrid-scale processes, such as radiative transfer, turbulent mixing, boundary layer processes, cumulus convection, precipitation, and gravity wave drag.

    GCMs and the Navier-Stokes Equations « Climate Audit

  • The MathWorld article on superellipses concludes: "While [it] is clearly capable of describing a number of diverse biological shapes having a variety of symmetries, it seems unlikely that this formula has any particularly fundamental biological significance beyond as a possibly convenient parametrization".

    Archive 2003-10-01

  • Ackerman, A.S., et al., 2000b: Effects of aerosols on cloud albedo: evaluation of Twomey's parametrization of cloud susceptibility using measurements of ship tracks.

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  • H. Pawlowska, and L. Schuller, 2003: Cloud microphysical and radiative properties for parametrization and satellite monitoring of the indirect effect of aerosol on climate.

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  • Abdul-Razzak, H., and S.J. Ghan, 2002: A parametrization of aerosol activation: 3.

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  • However, complex parametrization of function calls with attributes is now completely self-explanatory.

    Planet Python


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