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  • adj. Able to be paraphrased

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  • That can be paraphrased: as, the paraphrasable psalms.


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paraphrase +‎ -able


  • And of course, poetry that is primarily "paraphrasable" is at best boring.

  • It is the materiality of the object, he tells us, the sonority of the language, the smoothness of the marble, or the slick density of the oil paint, that marks the part of Earth in it; while it is the semiotic features of the work, the meanings and meaningfulness - what is paraphrasable in the verse, the functions of the building, the object imitated by the painting - that indicate the part of World.


  • Even when the lyrics as such don't necessarily make paraphrasable sense, I know exactly what he is talking about.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • Though many of our claims about musical works may be paraphrasable into claims about sets of possible performances, some seem to make intractable reference to works.

    The Philosophy of Music

  • He made perfect sense, but in a way that had no paraphrasable meaning.

    Hey, what do you know?

  • A poem is a free-associative subspecies of the riddle; it rigorously avoids the paraphrasable.

    How to Save 'Tintern Abbey' from New-Critical Pedagogy (in Three Minutes Fifty-Six Seconds)

  • Nor will it be right to claim that sentences like "if p, q" are generally paraphrasable as "p only if q".

    Necessary and Sufficient Conditions

  • He showed that every word and letter was in its fit place, and that this fitness had a necessary, demonstrable relation to the paraphrasable content of the poem.

    The Last Formalist, or W.J.T. Mitchell as Romantic Dinosaur

  • I also think the idea that poetry primarily conveys thoughts or ideas, which are paraphrasable by the critic, is problematic.

  • Both Ransom and Brooks objected to the statement-oriented, paraphrasable side of Winters 'poetics, and for the same reason: Winters' work violated the autonomous principle of poetry.


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