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  • adj. situated alongside of or adjacent to a sagittal location or a sagittal plane

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  • Parallel with and to one side of the median plane: as, a parasagittal section of an embryo.


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  • The occurrence of spikes over the parietal region (parasagittal zone) following contralateral tactile stimuli characteristic of this condition.

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  • Slide 15: CD34+ cells (white) home to the SDF-1-positive parasagittal vascular niches in control mice CD34+ cells aberrantly home to SDF-1+-negative, lateral regions in tumor (green) - engrafted mice

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  • Slide 14: SDF-1 (red) is highly expressed in the parasagittal sinusoidal region (CD34+ cell homing sites) of control mice Nalm-6-GFP cells (green) preferentially home to and proliferate in this area marked down-regulation of SDF-1 expression, here shown at 35 days after Nalm-6-GFP engraftment

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  • Immunostaining for each marker was performed in 30 µm parasagittal spinal cord sections according to the stereological principles described above (one in six sections), resulting in an average of 4 sections, per marker, that contained a visible injury epicenter.

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  • In each of 107 human subjects (60 with LBP and 47 without LBP), parasagittal ultrasound images were acquired bilaterally centered on a point 2 cm lateral to the midpoint of the L2-3 interspinous ligament.

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  • (A-D) Representative in situ hybridization autoradiograms of parasagittal sections of adult male zebra finches at the level of HVC (~1. 4 to 2.4 mm from the midline).

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  • 33P-labelled sense and antisense riboprobes were hybridized to serial parasagittal sections of additional (n = 4-6) adult male zebra finches followed by phosphorimager autoradiography (Typhoon 9410, GE Healthcare) for a global assessment of brain mRNA distribution, or emulsion autoradiography followed by Nissl (cresyl violet or toluidine blue) counterstaining for regional and cellular analysis.

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