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  • n. A section; specially applied to the subdivisions or weekly portions of the Pentateuch which are read in the synagogue on the Sabbath. See sedra.


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  • I tried to steer the conversation back to the parasha of the week or to the Lakers, but it was too late.

    David Suissa: Can We Argue Without Fighting?

  • And, worse case scenario, if things ever get too hairy at the Shabbat table, we should agree to change the subject by talking about the Lakers or, better yet, the parasha of the week.

    David Suissa: Can We Argue Without Fighting?

  • The seder is a very Rabbinic ritual, demanding that every participant “expound” ãåøù on the appropriate verses in deuteronomy “until the end of the parasha”.

    Even if all of us were wise | Jewschool

  • To each parasha corresponds a division of the prophetic writings, called haphtara.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • As Judaism, except in Jerusalem, had, properly speaking, no clergy, the first comer stood up, gave the lessons of the day (_parasha_ and _haphtara_), and added thereto a

    The Life of Jesus

  • The name of the parasha, Ekev, has two meanings: "since" - as in the first verse, Weekly Magazine [ Matos Maasei ]

  • The Ishbitzer writes that yes, this is exactly what the Jews are supposed to think about coming off their collective high from last week's parasha.


  • But, what I find particularly interesting about this parasha is something I read in a D'var Torah by Rabbi Aurebach discussing the question, "How much are you worth?". - Business News

  • You see, in this week's parasha verse 5: 10 states "A man's holies shall be his, and what a man gives to the Kohen shall be his" ... - Business News

  • I look for some nugget, some insight below the surface of the peshat, the literal reading of the text, which uses the image of war several times in this parasha.



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