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  • v. To live on or in a host organism as a parasite.


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  • The shell company then continues to 'parasitise' the sub-contractors throughout the contract period, causing the first subpcontractor to fail, and continues to 'parasitise' the new sub-contractor brought in to bail out the project.

    Malaysiakini :: News

  • I have no idea why these birds would abandon their nest for a week or so, but palfreyman suggested this might fool a cuckoo waiting to parasitise the nest, and shundarnagin suggested that this might fool snakes or other predators.

    Mystery bird: olive-backed sunbird, Cinnyris jugularis

  • The government, he complained, is "a self-seeking flea on the backs of the more productive people of this world? governments donot run countries, they parasitise them".

    This state-hating free marketeer ignores his own failed experiment

  • I've been a cheapskate and still parasitise on a free account, but I'll upgrade to a paid account so that I can syndicate my favourite blogs.

    progress reports

  • Nah, just kidding - it's about time the filth that parasitise our society got what's coming to them.

    New Police Powers

  • Drug dealing, prostitution, protection rackets and all manner of scams designed to parasitise the Kuffaars.

    Not in my name 'Tony Blair' & your Dhimmi government.

  • Modes of action that are highly focused on a single species are generally the safest whereas bio-control agents that parasitise or consume many different species can be trouble.

    Biological Control May Beget Exotic Invaders

  • Definition: /meem/ By analogy with "gene" Richard Dawkins's term for an idea considered as a replicator, especially with the connotation that memes parasitise people into propagating them much as viruses do.


  • Any sum supplied to an individual which will so far satisfy him or her as to enable them to live without exertion may absolutely parasitise them; while vast wealth (unhealthy as its effects generally tend to be) may, upon certain rare and noble natures, exert hardly any enervating or deleterious influence.

    Woman and Labour

  • Extremely small living organisms, which can only multiply inside living cells which they parasitise.

    Chapter 5


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