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  • adj. Based around an intracellular parasite


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  • T. cruzi intracellular forms leave the parasitophorous vacuole of the host cell and remain free to divide in the cytoplasm during cell division minicircles are cleaved by topoisomerases and, T. cruzi minicircles, with four adenine - and cytosine-rich (AC-rich) CSBs

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  • To survive and evade host responses the parasite remodels the erythrocyte by exporting several hundred effector proteins beyond the surrounding parasitophorous vacuole membrane.

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  • Martens S, Parvanova I, Zerrahn J, Griffiths G, Schell G, et al. (2005) Disruption of Toxoplasma gondii parasitophorous vacuoles by the mouse p47 resistance GTPases.

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  • Khaminets A, Hunn JP, Howard JC (2009) Disruption of the Toxoplasma gondii parasitophorous vacuole by IFNγamma-inducible immunity-related GTPases (IRG proteins) triggers necrotic cell death.

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  • Since, alone of the IRG proteins assayed, Irgm1 has never been found at the parasitophorous vacuole, it is clear that this IRG protein is not directly involved in the observed vesiculation and disruption of the parasitophorous vacuole membrane.

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  • T. gondii, which has been most comprehensively documented, interest is focused on the unexplained ability of IRG proteins to cause disruption of the parasitophorous vacuole, resulting in the death of the parasite in the cytosol

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  • During invasion and formation of the parasitophorous vacuole, the parasite modifies the host cytoskeleton through reorganization of intermediate filaments and capture of microtubule organization centers and forms associations with mitochondria and ER

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  • In initial experiments, immunostaining localizes the enzyme to the parasite membrane and parasitophorous vacuole and there is no staining of rhoptries or dense granules (preliminary observations).

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  • Håkansson S, Charron AJ, Sibley LD (2001) Toxoplasma evacuoles: a two-step process of secretion and fusion forms the parasitophorous vacuole.

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  • Once inside, Toxoplasma resides in a parasitophorous vacuole (PV) formed during the process of invasion.

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