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  • n. A disease resulting from parasitic infestation.

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  • n. Any infectious disease caused by a parasite


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  • The trick is to select those who have an affliction that is genuinely new – for many who contact the programme are only one step away from hypochondria and include dozens of cases of chronic daily headache and of Morgellons syndrome, a delusional parasitosis whose sufferers believe they have insects crawling over their skin.

    In pursuit of diseases that have no name

  • The woman had all the symptoms of delusional parasitosis, a well-documented psychological disorder in which patients are convinced that parasites have burrowed underneath their skin.20 Indeed, this woman had predicted that her doctor would give her that diagnosis—but, she said, she was absolutely certain that she was suffering from a real physical disease and not a psychological disorder.

    The Panic Virus

  • One woman shows off very severe and fresh scars from delusional parasitosis, digging into her skin at hallucinated bugs.

    Policing and Addiction

  • Psychiatrists actually recognize a condition they call delusional parasitosis—a terror of being attacked by parasites.

    Parasite Rex

  • As part of his treatment he had fluid drawn off in a procedure known as parasitosis.

    Symphonic Forensics: Alsop's 'CSI Beethoven'

  • Morgellons is claimed to be a new form of skin disease by its sufferers but has been largely ignored by the medical community and some have claimed it is, in reality, a psychotic syndrome akin to delusional parasitosis.

    Mind Hacks: The curious case of Morgellons disease

  • Substance D, the drug in Dick's novel, is described as being quite amphetamine-like, including its negative effects and consequences for example, delusional parasitosis is quite common in amphetamine psychosis.

    Mind Hacks: Neuropsychology and Psychosis in 'A Scanner Darkly'

  • Secondly, the symptoms of Morgellons are indeed consistent with delusional parasitosis, even down to finding fibres in the skin.

    Mind Hacks: The curious case of Morgellons disease

  • In contrast, after concerns about the disease were first widely broadcast in the media, Duval County Health Department investigated a series of cases and concluded in their report that those reporting Morgellons in fact suffered from delusional parasitosis, a form of limited psychosis diagnosed as a subtype of delusional disorder.

    Mind Hacks: May 2006 Archives

  • To the envy of most academic textbooks, these pages contain a detailed account of delusional parasitosis, a form of psychosis often brought on by stimulant drug abuse.

    Mind Hacks: Neuropsychology and Psychosis in 'A Scanner Darkly'


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