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  • adj. Relating to a paratext.


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  • Such sentiments are kept out of the Indian broadcasts, naturally, but the publication of Orwell’s Collected Works allows them to be read in paratextual complementarity – and with some irony too, in the light of Orwell’s advice to his Indian listeners to be alert to the inconsistency of Axis propaganda, saying different and contradictory things at different times, or to different audiences.

    Orwell’s BBC Broadcasts: Colonial Discourse and the Rhetoric of Propaganda

  • Yeah, I'm not so much thinking of sustained role-play, Dmitri, as I am of things like a player who is engaged in a range of "paratextual" use of a virtual world making machinima, fanfiction, what have you or of small moments of creative uses of the world itself squeezed in between the scripted activities of play within it.

    BIG News from Great Britain: VWs Make People Lonely and Sick

  • Lovecraft himself wrote only 13 such stories, from 1921 to 1936, but his paratextual references—notably the famous "Necronomicon," the memoir of an Arab sorcerer—created such a powerfully imagined "Secondary World" a term Tolkien popularized that they generated more than 100 successors.

    There and Back Again

  • Ballard sets out to exploit these paratextual narrative devices to self-consciously confront the reader, and include us in an ironic discourse with the text.

    Ballardian » Unique visual complexities: A review of Grande Anarca

  • Indeed, Beaulieu confesses a romanticism, an idealist significance, of a similar nature in a paratextual element I have not already mentioned – on the cover even, in the subtitle.

    Gregory Betts reads derek beaulieu's Flatland

  • That, though, is not exactly true – this is a book overloaded with paratextual words; words that wrap around the project, defining it, but without being part of its inner chamber.

    Gregory Betts reads derek beaulieu's Flatland

  • But at least the translation's good--the textual quality of the original book, particularly enriched in this volume by a touch of romance, a touch of horror, has not been compromised...even though, alas, the paratextual quality most certainly has.

    Manga Mondays with Kethylia 1/7 | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • I dramatically unmoors the paratextual markers that structure the English language, pushing the reader into a labyrinthine lyrical landscape of infinite reading possibilities.


  • Their presence in the paratextual writings, of which the broadcast texts are discursively unaware since they exist in a separate and watertight segment of the public sphere, does not make Orwell a hypocrite.

    Orwell’s BBC Broadcasts: Colonial Discourse and the Rhetoric of Propaganda

  • In any case, the idea's a call to at least partially recover what used to be the paratextual norm of reviewing practice, and it's one I believe would liven poetry criticism up a good deal were it more widely employed.


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