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  • n. An aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of a benzene with two methyl substituents

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  • n. A hydrocarbon (C6H4(CH3)2) of the aromatic series obtained as a colorless liquid by the distillation of camphor with zinc chloride. It is one of the three metamers of xylene. Cf. metamer, and xylene.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An oily hydrocarbon of the benzene series, C6H4(CH3)2; paradimethylbenzene. It is found in tar-oil and Galician petroleum, and is also made synthetically. It boils at 138° C. It can be solidified in a freezing mixture, and then melts at 15° C.


para- +‎ xylene (Wiktionary)


  • Also hampered by the quake are producers of paraxylene, which is used in plastic beverage bottles, with 24 percent of Japan's capacity offline, Eramo said. -- Top News

  • For example, SK Global Chemical is mulling setting up a 1-million-ton-a-year paraxylene plant in Ulsan, possibly in a partnership with a Japanese company, Kim Kyoung-bae, head of corporate planning offices for SK Global Chemical, said during an investor relations session.

    SK Innovation Profit More Than Doubles on Exports

  • Associated Press The protest was aimed at a privately-owned chemical plant called Fujia, which makes paraxylene, a petrochemical used to create raw materials for the production of polyester film and fabrics.

    Environmental Protest in China

  • Reuters A resident held a paper reading 'Say no to PX paraxylene, give me back Dalian' Sunday during a protest demanding the relocation of the petrochemical plant in Dalian, in China's Liaoning province.

    Asia in Pictures

  • The protest was aimed at a privately owned chemical plant called Fujia, which makes paraxylene, a petrochemical used to create raw materials for the production of polyester film and fabrics.

    China Bows to Plant Protesters

  • And while similar protests have brought retaliation against organizers, they've also produced results: Residents opposed to a paraxylene plant in the city of Xiamen in southeastern China marched in protest against it in 2007, persuading planners to move it instead to a less-populated area of another southeastern city, Zhangzhou.

    China closes chemical plant targeted by protesters

  • Dalian authorities had already been considering moving the Fujia plant, which is capable of producing 700,000 tons of paraxylene annually, the newspaper China Business News said.

    China closes chemical plant targeted by protesters

  • The Gujarat refinery, which commissioned Indian Oil's first petrochemical plant that makes linear alkyl benzene, used in detergents, is considering setting up a paraxylene and purified teraphthalic acid plant, which is used to make polyester.

    Indian Oil to Expand Refining Capacity

  • The protest was triggered by mounting fears over the safety of the factory, which makes paraxylene, a carcinogenic liquid used in the production of polyester films and fabric.

    China Shuts Down Chemical Plant after Protest

  • On Friday, the Zhangzhou government said that a paraxylene plant is expected to be completed there by the end of this year and will start operating early next year.

    China orders chemical plant shut after protests


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