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  • v. Present participle of parboil.


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  • Also called parboiling, blanching simply means submerging the asparagus into vigorously boiling water for about three minutes, then dunking the spears in a bowl of ice water to immediately stop the cooking and preserve the bright green color.

    The News Tribune Blogs

  • Less urgent needs include: (1) improvement of malting quality (important both for brewing and for making high-methionine weaning foods); and (2) new methods of processing, such as parboiling, milling, and puffing (see Appendix B).

    2. Finger Millet

  • Otherwise cool, refrigerate overnight and reheat before parboiling the dumplings step 5.

    Choose Your Own Soup Adventure

  • I guess I better get to parboiling that hat to tenderize it some .......


  • However, posters on online food forum are indignant at the idea, protesting that "parboiling any meat is a crime against humanity" and suggesting that such a step might make a tasty "pork broth", but does nothing for the flavour of the ribs themselves.

    How to cook perfect barbecue ribs

  • Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal, Food Styling by Brett Kurzweil Josef Centeno of Lazy Ox Canteen Make the nettle pesto: Bring a pot of salted water to a boil and, wearing gloves to protect against stings, blanch 4 bunches fresh nettles by parboiling for about 10 seconds.

    Super Super Bowl Sandwiches

  • The Oxford Companion to Food is uncharacteristically silent on the matter, but, after a frustrating half hour trawling the endless regurgitation of the internet, I finally discover that, according to a reliable sounding book called the Culinary Arts & Traditions of Switzerland, raw potato is typical only in the Zurich area – the rest of the country insists upon parboiling them first.

    How to cook the perfect rösti

  • Photographs by Benjamin Krain for The Wall Street Journal BIG BLUE | Cruising on Lake Ouachita Lounging in front of an improbably large flat-screen TV with a thick cotton towel girding my waist, I swat from my nose an errant bubble, a leftover from the Jacuzzi tub where I just finished parboiling myself.

    A Splash of Southern Comforts

  • The sun blazing down upon them in the white sand and almost parboiling them, brought anything but relief.


  • I've also skipped the parboiling step, in the case of Thumbelina carrots, or just for a more toothsome, raw carrot-like interior.

    Cathy Erway: What's Great to Grill Now


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