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  • Resembling parchment in texture or appearance; pergamentaceous.


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  • Forty-four years on, and according to my rushed, racy riffle yesterday through parchmenty old library cuttings, next week's Stiles sale leaves the 1966 winner's medals of the Charlton brothers, Jack and Bobby, as the only two still snug at the back of the original recipient's sock drawer.

    Tears for souvenirs as Best and Stiles memorabilia go up for auction

  • Something about his dry parchmenty skin was repulsive after all those months of holding sweet new flesh in her arms.

    2009 April « Tales from the Reading Room

  • The parchmenty little "Limp Pocket Scorebook", glued and taped for posterity's scrutiny, remains a treasured relic in the Clifton archive.

    Armistice Day recalls Arthur Collins' imperishable cricketing feat | Frank Keating

  • I am professor-colored today: brown skirt, tweed jacket over parchmenty shirt with flared Boleyn-sleeves.

    Life at Sea

  • From mature years I look back with a shudder upon the number of parchmenty sandwiches which I ate, the reservoirs of lemony water which I drank, in order to be in that lovely creature's society.

    Humorous Masterpieces from American Literature

  • Corporal Mignan, wrinkling a thin, parchmenty face, full of suffering and kindly cynicism, used to call them '_mes deux phénomènes_.'


  • Old Gaunt, smoothing and smoothing the lined, thin cheeks of the parchmenty, thin-nosed face that Frances Freeland had thought to be almost like a gentleman's, answered: "I thart you said you was goin '."

    The Freelands

  • From the smack of her tongue she was once a West Country cottage woman; from the look of her creased, parchmenty face, she was once a pretty girl with black eyes, in which there is still much vitality.

    Complete Plays of John Galsworthy

  • He sat rather crumpled, in his low armchair, with hands clasped round a knee; and a little crucified smile haunted the lips of his lean face, which, with its parchmenty, tanned, shaven cheeks, and deep-set, very living eyes, had a certain beauty.

    The Patrician

  • What a parchmenty, precise, thread-paper of a chap, with his bird's claw of a hand, and his muffled-up throat, and his quavery:

    Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works


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